Foamy Urine? What’s That?

  Foamy urine   One should be very conscious of the kind of urine he or she is producing. A deviation from the normal consistency and odor should be something of major concern. In many cases this deviation may be due to the diet, presence...
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Green Colored Urine? Yucksss….

  Green Colored Urine   This weird color of urine is very rare. This might sound very shocking when you suddenly find out you are excreting green colored urine. But this is not something very abnormal. It is just your normal urine turned green due...
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UTI and Bacteria in Urine

  UTIs (urinary tract infections) are the aliments or infections of our excretory system. In these infections, kidneys, ureters, bladder that stores urine and urethra (opening through which urine is sent out of the body) are affected, usually because of bacterial invasion. Sometimes this may...
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Knowing The Composition of Urine

  All human beings have a built-in mechanism of removing the surplus and harmful substances from the body after regular intervals. These procedures are controlled by the human brain according to needs and wants of the body. This particular mechanism is called excretory system. A...
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Smelly Urine : Cause And Way To Overcome It

  Urine odor is one of the main physical characteristics of urine. The odor is particularly unpleasant and its intensity is directly or indirectly related to the total volume of urine and the amount of certain chemicals excreted periodically by the kidneys.   Normally, the...
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